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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Mid-December ALREADY...?
Have just been job-hunting, working on some concepts, and rendering some parade 'upgrade' designs for The FIESTA of Five Flags over in Pensacola. I'll have some sketches, roughs, and finished drawings up at a later date.
Will also be posting some Christmas-themed renderings shortly....

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Character Doodles, Funnies..

While killing time, I thought I would post some more random musings....
Vintage Man-O-Steel by Brent Amacker

He IS The Law in Future Bedrock: "JUDGE FREDD" by Brent Amacker

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Character Designs

 I recently had the fortune to travel out West to sunny Southern California on a fact-finding expedition... A 'fishing trip', if you will, for some possible work opportunities. I was able to see some friends, surprise a few folks, get some meetings and make some connections with studios and publishers. I will have more info and some photos up a little later, along with some juicy tidbits and details about goings-on.

 In the meantime, here are some random character design drawings demonstrating skills and abilities....
Random 'Businessman' character by Brent Amacker

"Honestly Indecisive Abe" seems none-too-sure, by Brent Amacker

Progression drawing of Casey: pencils, inks, colors. Brent Amacker

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Colorful Flashback

While cleaning out at my parents' house, I ran across an old familiar item that-- usually-- I wouldn't give a second glance. When I picked it up to move it, however, a now-common element of the packaging caught my attention and brought back a flood of memories.
 Now, when WE were kids, I don't remember knowing a lot of people in rural North Mobile County in southern Alabama who had a lot of money. We always had construction paper, coloring books, and cheap pulp paper. As the fourth of five kids, and with a BUNCH of cousins who lived up the hill, most of my early drawing supplies were 'gently-used' hand-me-downs. The exception would be at the beginning of every school year, when I would get that new pack of ruled paper, my allotment of the pencils from the family multi-pack, maybe some new scissors (the blunt-nosed, 'safety' type), and-- if I was lucky-- a NEW box of crayons! Typically, I would get the 8- or -16-pack variety.

 Now, in THOSE days (early 70's), I was a wee lad with the attention span of a gnat and the motor skills to match. Coloring 'inside the lines' seemed like a lot of unnecessary pressure. I preferred the 'freedom of expression' method, and the stacks of primary color 'ant-men' battles and crudely-drawn explosions I left everywhere are evidence of  vivid imagination.

 Even though I don't remember if it was my way-older (back then, six years was a BIG difference) brother or my slightly-older sisters to whom was actually bestowed the motherlode, I'll never forget my mixed feelings of awe and envy when my eyes beheld the big 64(!) color box! I remember thinking "Wow!" and wondering why anyone would NEED that many different and mostly-unappealing colors-- and then I saw something that just blew my mind: 

There was a Sharpener-- MADE INTO THE BOX!
  The planning! The engineering! The sheer awesome genius! Not ONLY was there a multitude of useless, oddly-named hues destined for melting or experimentation, there was a PRACTICAL bonus that helped me to understand the concept of premiums, up-selling, and accessorizing.
It's a rare pleasure to experience and remember these bygone feelings of awe and wonderment.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Caricatures TONIGHT At "The HANK"!

Come see The Mobile Baybears!
Get a Caricature drawn for only $10!

I will be drawing caricatures both tonight AND Friday night at Mobile's Hank Aaron Stadium!
Tonight is the BayBears' 'Home Opener'-- featuring an appearance by Henry Pennington, better known as NewsRadio710's UNCLE HENRY, and Friday night is "FOS Comics MARVEL Comic Book Night"!
Come on out!
Caricatures only $10!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Nifty Vintage Disney Animation Tips

Found a cool animation blog titled "Blue Monkeys From Mars".
A recent post featured an old Disney Animation Tips booklet, probably from the 1950's.
Check it out here: Vintage Disney Animation Tips

Thursday, March 27, 2014



Mobile BayBears Mobile, AL

I will be appearing at Hank Aaron Stadium for The Mobile BayBears on Opening Night, Wednesday, April 9th AND on Friday, April 11th to draw Caricatures! Come on out!

FOS (Fortress of Solitude) Comics Mobile, Alabama

 Friday, April 11th is "FOS MARVEL Comics Night", sponsored by Mobile's own FOS (Fortress of Solitude) Comics. Come dressed 'in costume'...! You never know WHO you might see!
 I will render you as your favorite MARVEL character!

Mobile BayBears Mobile, AL


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